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Ariana Grande Performs, Talks About How She Loves America-Making Up The Donut Fiasco?Ariana Grande Performs, Talks About How She Loves America-Making Up The Donut Fiasco?
Ariana Grande was recently embroiled in the controversy where she was caught on camera licking donuts and saying she hates America, cut to this...

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Ariana Grande APOLOGIZES To Fans After 'Donut Fiasco'Ariana Grande APOLOGIZES To Fans After 'Donut Fiasco'
Ariana Grande Apologizes for 'Donut Fiasco' again after first one upsets fans.

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Ariana Grande Apologizes for DonutgateAriana Grande Apologizes for Donutgate
Ariana Grande took to YouTube to apologize for DonutGate. The licking, the diva behavior and the “I hate America” jab that she says was...

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Ariana Grande's Donut Gate Under Investigation!Ariana Grande's Donut Gate Under Investigation!
Ariana Grande’s got one more problem and it's with the police. You all know about the donut licking scandal? Well, the footage from the...

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Alien DonutAlien Donut
Alien Donut making. Subscribe to YouTube - Like us on FACEBOOK -...

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Half-croissant, half-donut, 'cronut' takes NY by stormHalf-croissant, half-donut, 'cronut' takes NY by storm
What do you get when you cross a buttery French croissant with a deep-fried, crispy US doughnut? You get pastry chef Dominique Ansels...

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