Vidyasagar (With English Subtitles) - Full Length Bengali Movie
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Description: Vidyasagar traces the journey of Sri Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, one of the greatest reformers India has ever witnessed. The movie portrays his childhood days when he came to Kolkata with his father in order to pursue his studies. On their way to Kolkata, Vidyasagar found several milestones with numbers engraved on them in English. And he proved that he was a sheer genius by learning all the English numerical by seeing them on these milestones. Later he become the head of Sanskrit College and was well-versed in all kinds of texts. Vidyasagar's kindness has been portrayed a number of times in the movie right from the scenes where he is shown distributing clothes to poor villagers from his scholarship money or when he sends money to a penniless Michael Madhusudan in France. Also, Vidyasagar introduced female education and widow re-marriage among the Hindus, contributed hugely to Bengali literature, and established several schools and colleges for women.Click to watch the best of Bengali films and songs.


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