Kusum Manohar Lele
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Description: Women have always been victims of a male dominated society. Exploited in every manner, this hard-hitting reality cannot be ignored. A story of love, deceit, betrayal and more, but told with just enough humor and humanity that it will surely move you. 'Kusum Manohar' Lele is based on a true story that happened in Pune in 1986. It takes a look at the dilemma of Sujata who weds a married man, Manohar Lele. Manohar’s first wife Kusum is childless and just for the sake of their own biological child; they plot a counterfeit marriage of Manohar and Sujata. When Sujata gives birth to her child, Manohar divulges his plan, seizes her child and tosses her out of his life. Sujata is totally crestfallen. Will Sujata get back her child? Will anyone help her?


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